Permanent Makeup & Skincare by Jeanette

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Permanent Makeup

        "The 24 Hour Look"

    Permanent makeup is the micro-implantation of pigment into the skin. this procedure dates back to 2000 B.C. during the Egyptian era.  There are different techniques, but the results are the same.  It's makeup that's hassle free and always stays fresh.  We've come a long way perfecting the technique.  It is quite a safe procedure and will be done a clean, sterile and safe environment using disposable tools.

    Benefits:    Many of us these days are very busy and always on the go or those who want to look their best all the time.  It never comes off at night, in the pool, sweating  or exercising.  It is a great solution for people who:

*have poor vision            *arthritis
*allergies                         *oily skin
*hot flashes                     *watery eyes
*problems w/ dexterity    *saves time
*lost eyelash/eyebrow hairs
*convenience for the athlete
*light colored eyelashes or eyebrows
*correction of asymmetrical facial     features

    There are different procedures that can be provided such as eyeliner, eyebrows and color on the lips. Each procedure takes around 1-4 hours to perform.
Eyeliner:    For those of you that have little or no eyelashes or your eyelashes are very light colored.  You can just enhance the lash line or have full eyeliner as well.

Eyebrows:    Many of us have lost our eyebrow hair and some of us, just don't have any kind of definition to them for many reasons.  I can recreate them to look very natural with my feathered-hair stroke look or a soft solid style.  You'll never have to deal with putting them on crooked or smudging them off again!

Lips:    Color can be applied to your lips to give more definition, correct uneven lips, give the appearance of more fullness to those who have thin lips or color for those who just don't want to deal with having to put on lipstick all the time.  You can have a line, a line with feathering, or full lip color of your choice.

Touch-Ups:    They are not always necessary.  This is why I keep lower prices than other technicians.  Other technicians charge you higher prices to include a touch-up.   Why pay more to include a touch-up if you may not need one.  Touch-ups do have a minimum charge and Full lip color does come with a
complimentary touch-up, since full lip color usually do need two applications of color.

Permanent makeup will give you that look you always wanted.  To look great all the time.  Prices vary depending on procedure and method of application.
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